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Donica Schmidt Acupuncture

DS Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon offers the following Traditional Chinese Medicine services to treat a variety of ailments: acupuncture, cupping, moxa, tuina, herbs and formulas, guasha, nutritional counseling, electrical stimulation, and qi gong.

Donica Schmidt (L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., MATCM) is the founder and owner of DS Acupuncture.  She received with honors a Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in California.  Shortly after, she moved to Portland to continue practicing.  Before this, she graduated with a BFA in Dance through California State University, Long Beach.  Movement of the body lead her curiosity to yoga.  She received her 200-hour Yoga Certification in 2008 and has been practicing and teaching yoga ever since.  She has also invested time studying other forms of physical healing through Thai Yoga Massage and the MELT Method.  As well as various forms of Tai Chi.

"I believe, if the body can feel so good after big movement such as yoga, dance or anything physical, then there must be small movement that when shifted the correct way can make a person feel just as good, if not better.  That's what acupuncture does, supports a natural flow of movement in the body to help it work with better function."

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Wellness Works and the Numbers Add Up

Wellness programs let your employees know that you are willing to invest in their future and health. This is meaningful to employees, creating a positive experience and increasing their overall satisfaction at work. An investment in your employees is a great investment for your company. Healthcare costs for employers is a top concern in any industry. Wellness in the workplace is not a new idea but it has become a very popular strategy more recently because of the dynamic benefits shown:

- Data collected over the course of 30 + years has provided evidence that every $1 invested in a workplace wellness programs returns at least $3.27 (1)

- Saving could even be greater. A study conducted in 2010 showed that employers saved on health insurance as high as $6 per $1 invested into wellness (2)

- Analysis done by Harvard University showed that absenteeism costs fell by about $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs (3)

While the return on investment for health care costs looks great by bringing wellness into the workplace, here are some other amazing and tangible results:

- Fewer sick days

- Increased productivity

- More positive work environment

- Reduced stress

- Higher employee retention rate (better work moral)

- Less occurrences of preventable chronic health issue

Elevate Wellness Program

Leading educators, Kaisa Jones and Donica Schmidt incorporate Chinese Medicine and Yoga into your workplace. Taking your company to elevated wellness and leaving tips and tricks to stay healthy throughout the year. Packages can be self tailored to the unique needs of your office.

Offering :

-Desk Yoga with acupressure: Working in an office environment is taxing on maintaining correct ergonomics. We teach your employees simple and accessible stretches combined with acupressure point to release muscle tension.

-Immune Boosting Talk and Beverage: Sip on a delicious immune boosting elixir while learning how to keep a healthy immune system year-round for less sick days.

-Breathing exercises: Learn how just 5 minutes can calm the nervous system, increase focus and recharge your day.

-Educational handouts: Keep a copy of information covered in your desk for easy reference.

-Massage, known as Tui Na: 10-15 minutes of over the clothing massage work and acupressure.

-Acupuncture or Acupressure Acicular (without needles) treatments: promotes mental clarity and focus while decreasing stress and boosting immunity

Please contact Donica for more information.